This type of snake has a very beautiful and unique color

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This is the type of caterpillar that has a very unique color and shape so that this snake much preferred by the Humans although most caterpillars have One of the properties that are dangerous when touched by humans but very different from the snake this one this tool is harmless though touched by humans because the tool it has no toxicity and has no hair that can harm this type of caterpillars usually found in plants that have soft leaves because this caterpillar is one type of snake that eats the leaves are still young and he also ate the old leaves but the fiber from the leaves and the Luna is not loud ,,

When we see it at a glance we may also consider that this tool is very dangerous but after paying to eat this snake has a beautiful and unique color and has a very beautiful body shape ,,
This snake is widely cultivated in various places other than He is not dangerous for humans caterpillars also produce Silk is one type of yarn that is very expensive because the type of yarn or cloth produced by the tool can warm the human body when humans in the cold can cooling the human body can humans in the heat Therefore silk fabric is very expensive at all because the quality is owned by the fabric

We often hear the type of cloth produced from the silkworm Although we may not be able to buy it Because the price is so expensive but this cloth a lot of circulating in the market but if you want to buy the type of fabric made from silkworm is you guys do not go wrong because in the era there are now so many fabrics in the name of silk fabric. Therefore you must be careful when buying the type of fabric that until you buy it with a very expensive price you finally get the type of goods that are fake or not original

So few reviews about silkworms and fabrics produced by these tools have a very expensive price If you have more money it has a lot of money the South has and buy the cloth so you can use it even supposedly silk cloths can also be used for anti bullet because of its softness is owned by the fabric can divert the sharpness of the bullet is very remarkable ,,

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Sungguh luar biasa,, ulat yg begitu lembut,, namun memiliki kehebatab yg luar biasa

Memelihara ulat tersebut pasti membutuhkan biaya besar,,, kalau tidak semaua takkan berhasil,,,

Hebat sekali. bagus dan mengagumkan,,

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