Nature’s Framework

in esteem •  3 months ago


I really like to play with far and close away objects to create more depth. This also gives a feeling of getting drawn into the photo and that you feel like you are actually standing in the photo and viewing it from your own perspective.

This photo was taken with iPhone X.

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That's a standard technique. Foreground and background objects. You can shift focus between them to try and see how you can draw attention to different things in the photo.


That’s why SLR are quite nice to work with, I haven’t used mine for a while though. Time to dust it off


You can shift focus using a phone camera, too. The camera tries to focus on things by changing aperture. With a little patience you can get it to focus where you want it.

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Very nicely framed!


Thank you @old-guy- photos !

Wow! beautiful place.Amazing photography my friend @dandesign86

Wow an amazing shot buddy


Cool :)

Beautifully designed nature. @dandesign86