Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

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God gives the human organs extraordinary brain functions, one of which is to think clearly.

Thinking is a human activity in action.

Usually the thinking is done when someone is in trouble to be solved in a certain time, or it could be when it is planning something in life. So what is thought can be applied and get the best results.

Every day we are always faced with the number of writings, whether it's writing in books, newspapers, magazines, internet, banners, brochures, television and so forth. With a good read of writing, someone will be able to get useful information every time.

create your job. create the foundation

** you must have some foundation: **
*** skill **
*** motivation **
*** experience **

  • In everyday life, we will never be free from obstacles, problems, and challenges. We see there are people who can overcome and leave behind the difficulties of his past there is also a surrender and blame his past.
    we are often confronted by various problems, both big and small. Everyone must have experienced things called difficulties, distress and problems in his life. Therefore, it takes someone else who has a certain strength to be able to provide help or help to people in need
    Sometimes these problems can trim our spirits. And in this condition we need motivation from our friends and so also with experience, * no experience then we will not be able to measure how good or bad we are for social life *
    when every event we learn then we will soon rise from the shortage and can as soon as possible improve to change toward goodness. Make the experience of each of the most valuable lesson events.

Do something of value based on skill

like the ones we read always from the beginning until now, is the result of writing work. Writing skills need to be sharpened so that when we want to deliver news or information to people we are headed. With a clear text and neatly arranged, then people who read our writing can understand it well.

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