temptation comes to us because we are less than grateful

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Being grateful is not easy to do, because judgments can be given not from our deeds and words only, but God can see in our true Heart. All the trials of life that continue to shake our circumstances, make us unable to give full gratitude. Many of our brothers are unable to eat, have no place to live, suffer serious illness, live in conflict areas, or experience natural disaster. We can not count the blessings we receive from Allah SWT so many favors. However, always remembering some of these favors will bring us to gratitude. Looking down, we will know that we are far more fortunate and far richer than the millions of people on earth. It is often tempted to complain. Begin to change this habit. It's better to stop complaining and get productive right away so that good results will be possible and we'll be easier for us to be grateful. Often we forget how fortunate we have parents who love us, who love us unconditionally, who work to fulfill our needs and strive to provide the best education for us. Thankful for the enjoyment that has been given, do not just complain about the new suffering comes.
For if we compare the pleasures that have been given far beyond the suffering that has just come. For lack of gratitude is a defect that must be cleaned. Because it could be, temptation comes to us because of our lack of gratitude. If you are poor, be grateful because you will take little account of your wealth. If you are rich, be joyful because you have many opportunities to do good deeds. Whatever we sometimes think of the real shortcomings is a blessing if we give thanks. Whatever we find favors can be a punishment if we do not give thanks.

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