learn to be patient

in esteem •  last year 

If you are currently on a long wait, consciously or unconsciously, you will become a more patient person and appreciate each and every one of your struggles. For you who are still single, who has a relationship but apart distance and time or you who are running relationships but never brought to the aisle while you are very expecting the moment, believe that the beautiful things that always you will come soon.
Feeling very tired to keep waiting and everything is ready is a common thing. Just do not let you feel hopeless, disappointed and wrong in determining the decision. Try to be more patient and believe that the wait that you do will bear great unhappiness happiness in the future
Memang menunggu itu ‘pekerjaan’ yang tak mudah. Membutuhkan banyak kesabaran dalam prosesnya, jadi semacam latihan kesabaran kita.

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