Vite is airdroping Vite Coins

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Vite is a Decentralized platform for event creation, promotion and ticket sales.
They are airdropping daily vite coins to its users that have installed their wallet. To get daily free vite tokens just install the vite app and then claim daily vite token by just clicking a button inside the wallet. I am seeing that the vite has a big potential as the price of this coin is going up day by day and current price of this coin is 0.033$.
Here is my wallet view


You can get daily 10 vite. There are three ways to get coins. First one is to get daily free coins from airdrop and secondly you can play dice game that is available in their wallet. Thirdly you can buy and stake them in your wallet. The vite is already listed and is trading high volume on okex.
If you guys are interesting to earn some free vite coins then you can click on this link

After clicking the link just copy the referel code and download wallet. Then find the referel page and put the code you have copied. You will get 10 vite coins instantly for putting the referel code.
You can invite your friends also and can earn handsome amount of free vite token.
Again here is link

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