How i came to Steem Blockchain?

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Hello everyone !

Its more than one year that i am using steem blockchain and i am happy being a part of this beautiful blockchain called steem.
Today i want to tell you that how i came to steem blockchain.

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Being a student , it was always my wish to be independent so i was always in search of online work to manage my expenditures. I kept spending hours each night to find some genuine work but there were no results even in months.
I kept trying and finally discovered steem as a result of an online search. It looked interesting to me. I got more information from youtube. I watched many videos to understand that how everything works on steem. It was an interesting attempt to join steem.
When i got the idea then i requested an account and it got approved within two to three days. I started to use steem.
I started to post using steemit. At the start , most of my earning was from comments because i was unaware from most of the dapps like @esteemapp @steemhunt , dtube and tasteem.
When i came to know about these wonderful frontends , i was excited to use them.
First of all i tried dtube and tasteem but that was not my cup of tea. So i decided to stop using dtube. Then i started to post on tasteem and that was also not fit for me due to some reasons.


After that i came to know about steemhunt from one of my friend @salmannaqvi , he helped me a lot to unserstand that how steemhunt works. I started to use it and i am still using steemhunt. Steemhunt is one of the best frontend for reviewing different kind of products.


As time keep passing , i came to know about @esteemapp . I started to post using esteemapp and it kept supporting me. Till now i am getting enough support from esteemapp which is appreciated a lot. Earning of ESTM token has made it more interesting to use esteem applications. I earn ESTM Each time i cast a vote , follow , comment or resteem any post. These ESTM points can be used to boost or promote posts.

My all time favourite frontends on steem blockchain are @esteemapp and steemhunt.
I am thankful to everyone who supported me.

Its all for now.
See ya all later.


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