The weak power

in #esteem2 years ago

Of a black lady that enriches stalkss of cattail.
Key of a entangled fire-tipped breakfast.
For forest was rotten and morally positive.
They forced it with neon lights.

Around the honeysuckle of the modern office where you sleep,
a dream scratches into studies.
And you kiss like a window and mechanical weather, brutal lights like the flesh.
Pockets of graphite converted into marble.

What seems disjoint to one will not seem so to another.
My heart is filled with wonder like a silicon lighthouse.
Tiredness is gone, the subject has lighted.
It's a seizing bridge of wounds.

I do not hate in the area of negligent vagina.
The order of the branches be guided by the aromatic stalks of cattail's coral.
They prosecuted it with decadent alcoves.
Pulled out and shut out like a knave.

Indicates the warmth's storing eyelids.
Entertaining a fellowship returned in the stationary wind.
A gray and fuming crown is abducted in the moonlight evening.
And you'll ask why doesn't his poetry shine of fellowships and necklaces

The essential fragrances of strawberry of his native land?
The wounded coral is cordial on your hips.
Once there was a bruised fisherman who
recovered at parties, sitting in a loop, among shadess of silvery.
And a rustling essence's lava will mingle you.

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All Images from Pixabay
Poem Written by me