Poetry: Out of the Fog

in #esteem2 years ago


Covered in the blanket of despair,
life with no chance of repair;
is he destined to live in fear?

Trying to find his true calling
only to find himself quickly falling;
fate cares not for his feelings...

Traversing the dark road of fog,
wearing nothing but rags;
time will never stop its cog.

Years gone in a blink of the eyes,
the cruel world he now despise;
is there no way to break the ice?

He thought the morrow will no longer come
as such he helplessly beat the drum
but reality hits him like a ram!

He found his path in an unexpected way,
the sun shone its brightest rays;
no longer is the man astray...



Image Source: Pixabay 1Pixabay 2





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