Poetry: Hands Reaching for the Cosmos

in #esteem5 years ago (edited)


As the river of time crosses the cosmos;
the hands guided by fate did its utmost
but ultimately failed--eating a loss
--stopped by time like a decaying moss.

Though it started with the shiniest gloss,
slowly, in the darkness of time it was lost.
Feeling lost like a wailing ghost;
time have turned everything to rust!

To scattered dust it had returned;
without a trace there's nothing to burn.
But when we thought nothing really remained,
fate's willful wheel made a sudden turn!

The scattered dust gathers once more,
the lingering sentiment begins to soar!
With a tiny hope hiding in its deepest core,
the hand reaches for the cosmos once more!



Image Source: Pixabay 1Pixabay 2





sounds sciency. i liked it bro

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I really liked that man. I don't even normally like poetry. I think these would make incredible metal vocals.

Just a heads up, you left an extra space in the 3rd stanza (is that what those are called?) so your italics didn't work :)

I'm glad you liked it. Also thanks for the heads up, It's fix now.

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