Poetry: A World With But A Thought

in #esteem5 years ago


The world looked so bland
and in dire need of a magic wand.
The stars are as numerous as sand
so let it shine upon the land!

Grab the rainbow on the sky;
just do it, don't ask why!
Just look at those clouds on the fly,
don't they look as sweet as pie?

Let your curious mind run free;
do not let it stagnate like a tree.
The world's as beautiful as you see;
surely, on this you would agree.

Shape the world as you like;
carve a river or a dike.
Raise a mountain you can hike,
or a long road you can bike.

Make the sky endless and blue;
create a sun with a golden glow.
As long as you thought it so,
there's nothing you can't do.



Image Source: Pixabay 1Pixabay 2





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