Poetry: A Wondrous World

in #esteem5 years ago


A wondrous world streaming in his mind;
playing again and again as if in rewind.
An outlet for idea he needed to find,
only then can his troubled mind unwind.

He wanted to unveil this veiled world.
He wanted tell the stories not told.
He wanted to show mysteries yet to unfold,
if only he have the courage to be bold...

He found a friend that is called pen.
Paper is also willing to help there and then.
The two of then is truly heaven send,
for an epic adventure is about to begin!

His hand have a life of his own:
writing without stop from dusk till dawn.
His heart is up and never down;
his face have a smile and not a frown.

Then the awaited day finally arrives.
He gave it his best; all his drive.
But whether he will fall or thrive
matters no longer for he had strive!



Image Source: Pixabay 1Pixabay 2





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