Let’s go Christmas light up at Garden by the Bay ~Wednesday Walk~ (带你游滨海湾花园圣诞装饰)

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Hello dear Steemians,
Christmas festive season is coming. Singapore has many beautiful Christmas ligh up zones such as Orchard Road, Garden by the Bay, Sentosa, etc.
I went to Garden by the Bay with my family to see Christmas lights. Today let me bring you to take a walk the beauty of Christmas light up in Garden by the Bay, Singapore.



This year we have to buy the ticket to enter the Christmas light up zone in Garden by the Bay. The ticket price is S$10.00. Upon entered the main entrance gateway, there were a lovely train to fetch tourists around the garden which’s bring convenience to elderly people and children.





Continued my journey, we walked to this area. It was originally a vacant lot. They transformed into a gourmet and shopping kiosks as leisure spot for Christmas season. Good idea, right?



In the super trees zone, the kiosks were selling different goods, food and tourist souvenirs.



Each kiosk has delicate Christmas decorations and Christmas tree. These little wooden house kiosks looking pretty cute.



Next, walked to this Haagen-Dazs ice-cream specialty store. Selling ice-cream in the tourist area is strategic business definitely attracted many people as long as it does not encounter rainy days.



Looking up is the landmark of Garden by the Bay. The super groves are between 9 and 16 storeys height. The tree trunks surround the tall green walls. The appearance is spectacular!




There was also an aerial walkway across the Super Trees, 10 floors above the ground level. Visitors enjoy the panoramic views of Garden by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands Hotel. People with fear of height may not be suitable to try this.




At the highest treetop, there is also a treetop restaurant, where visitors can enjoy nice food while watching the views of Garden by the Bay.




Suddenly the site started artificial snows. The artificial snows and wonderful Christmas music made visitors enjoyed the joy of Christmas at this moment.



Tourists were busy taking pictures of artificial snow in one place.




In the middle of the Super Trees area is a gorgeous Pavilion where a choir singing Christmas songs. It is became a focal point of entire Garden by the Bay. We all enjoyed listening the Christmas songs and the beautiful melodies.




The elaborately designed light show (Garden Rhapsody) creates colourful light shows among Super Trees was showing the dazzling night sky.

精心设计的灯光秀(Garden Rhapsody), 在超级树丛之间打造五光十色,七彩缤纷的灯光秀,呈现耀眼的夜空美景。


We also walked to a stunning indoor garden. The designer used the real flowers innovatively to create a gorgeous indoor garden.




The entire Garden by the Bay combines nature and modern high tech environmental facilities which’s a great tourism and leisure spot in Singapore.
Thank you.

Thanks #wednesdaywalk and #makemesmile


!steemitworldmap 1.2815683 lat 103.8636132 long Garden by the Bay D3SCR


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Well i am really glad you took me for a walk around the Singapore Marina Bay that is really spectacular and colorful i love that fake snow it would have made the kids really happy 🎅 🤣 🎄

Thanks @hangin.😊 Yes, it is one of famous tourist spot in Singapore nowadays. Wishing you Merry Christmas and best in health and life. 👍🤩

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I bet it would be it looks so inviting hope to visit it one Christmas and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and best of health and life 🎅 🎄 🎁

Yes. Definately worthy to visit it when you travel in Singapore. Thanks @hangin.👍😊

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Will definitely be there in the near future...Cheers 👍

This place is absolutely magical Dear Cherry! I have to visit it someday! Wow!

Thanks dear Lena.😊 It is a popular tourist spot in Singapore, currently with Christmas light up.

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Wow what an amazing place so beautiful bright and fun now artificial snow and being warm sounds so much better than real snow to me

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thanks @tattoodjay. This is Garden by the Bay at Singapore Marina Bay. I think when you're here last time, there were no such development of this garden yet.

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Indeed back 30 Years ago whenI lived there this wasn’t around yet

Yes. About 10 years this garden was built and become a popular tourism spot in Singapore.

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Thanks I meant to ask how old it was

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