Have you lost your mind......of a child?

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Hey Steemians

I finally decided to take a break from all the competitions running on the platform to post a little something of substance for once. I don't want just to be seen like a greedy little shit and a bounty hunter, but hey a little extra Steem power goes a long way, so come to papa!

To prove I still can go toe to toe with the best on the blockchain and show proof of brain I decided to tackle a topic I've been thinking about after reading a post by @naturowlmystic called Whatever happened to quicksand?

It got me thinking about how powerful the mind of a child is and how today that curiosity and imagination is probably one of the most profitable mindsets like EVER!

In our early development years, we're still trying to figure out what these five senses can do and how it interacts with the world around us. Kids are obsessively curious and don't want to be told; they want to experiment. Even if it been done by a million kids before them, they need to try it first hand.

Bringing out your inner Deedee. Oooh, what does this button do?


We use those interactions not as they are, but as our mind sees them, a Simple TV remote now shoots lasers ya'll! I decided that now, so you need to respect my authority and kids always do! There is a mutual respect for idea creation and a consensus between kids to try out any idea without bias or prejudice.

They evaluate the idea and content solely on its merit aka how fun it is. Who among us can say we can go into an idea like that anymore? I know I can't, I'm afraid it's going to sound stupid, I'm afraid it won't work, I'm afraid I won't get any upvotes, boo hoo!!

Slowly its stripped away

I still feel a sense of unfulfillment when I think about the need to know what happens when you lick your finger and put in the wall socket, but my mom would not let me!

Ok, bad example but you get what I'm saying. Eventually, the world strips us down with reality; they take away the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus and all you're left with is a shitty university degree, a job and your only solace becomes the curation of memes to keep you sane.

In my opinion that's a pretty terrible deal, can we just Etch A Sketch the idea of growing up and try again?


If you didn't try to draw a boat or car with an etch a sketch why did you have one?

My point is that who decides what is rational thought and what thought patterns and processes we need to have in order to be successful? Especially when the current crop of decision makers suck anyway!

The world has the need for adults or rather older/big kids to hold on to that mindset. If J.K Rowling didn't we would not have been to Hogwarts or knew it existed?

There were tons of wizard stories before, but not like hers! She had an idea, ran with it and we all were like you know what, I'm on board with that!

Same goes for LOTR, basically the entire gaming industry and of course memes. If memes aren't just the most brilliant child like humour ever, then I don't know what is?

So I say hold on to it for as long as you can, never let it go! It could just be the key to unlocking the next big idea!

What was your favourite childhood belief?

At some point, unless you had a pretty shitty childhood you would know that a couple of blankets, couches and a pillow means that's a fort.

You would know your feet cannot touch the ground, because well there's lava everywhere or sharks, or lava sharks...Hmmm sounds like a good idea for a B grade movie. Sharknado becomes lava sharks.


If you're reading this I hope your feet are in the air because the floor is now lava and your legs have melted away, you're dead now

The one idea I had my heart set on was digging in the backyard until I either struck gold or made it all the way to China. We all know that all tunnels lead to China right? No visa required!

** Side note:** Where do Chinese kids think their tunnels lead to? Any Chinese kids want to weigh in here?

Where did your childhood imagination take you? Share it with me in the comments. I feel like there are going to be some hilarious entries!

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Dear @chekohler, welcome in our @steem-bounty family, thank you for your post and please come to mine post if you want to get some bounty too...:))


I simply had to try it out after I found out about it and the competition was a nice touch too. Thank you so much for the invite ill check it out shortly

Omg dude you are funny as hell😂😂😂
Literally couldn't stop laughing!!! (From the Etch a Sketch part, to asking if there's any chinease ppl to the lava part LOL luckily my feet were in the air😂)

How do you even remember the red sketch is called etch a sketch LOL

I mean we seriously have a lot to learn from kids.
we suck compared to them.

Youre right on as always 🙌


Lol glad you enjoyed my nostaglia trip. It was my favourite toy, after I ran out of drawing bookings and colouring books I started to turn my creative attention to the walls and my mom didn't like that so they got me an Etch A Sketch!

Glad you're still alive hope you avoided any and all quicksand pits you know they're everywhere!

Totally, we need to really give them the credit they deserve and not dismiss anyone just because they like to eat boogers and paste. We totally suck but im trying to be less sucky if i can help it!

Hahhahahha!! Very cool post!! My feet are indeed up!! The lava can't get me! I also have my blanky right here with me so i dont need to move. Unless i have a pee, then im in trouble!! We all need to keep loving our inner child!!
In the words if the great Ron Burgundy:
"mix it all up in a pot and spice it up!"

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LOL blankys are important, no demon, vampire or ghost can touch you once you put the blanky over your head, so i don't see why a blanky cant protect you from lava either

Where i come from, magic and fairies were always a big topic. When we were very young my father used to make up stories every night about fairies, leprechauns, banshees and everything else you could think of.

Now this wasn't unusual as the elder generation still held onto a lot of the old beliefs going back centuries. We had a patch of trees on our land that couldn't be cut down as it was grown around a fairy fort. If you heard a banshee then a member of your family was on deaths door and so on......

Now we grew up hearing these stories and believing them. I can't remember when i stopped believing but i will still remember them fondly and know that some people still keep up the old traditions.


Wow that is one epic story I love it. You clearly have the luck of the Irish that no banshees ever got to you! It sounds like an awsome fantasy to grow up in. I can only imagine how kids must have messed with one another and had the most fun pretending to see one!

We had a little demon called a Tokolosh that would hide under your bed so you better go to bed early, i think that was just parents way of keeping us honest but everyone knew not to mess with the Tokoloshy

The good old days of playing Lava-Lava with the neighbourhood kids.


LOL you don’t lava you lose

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Nice post @chekohler
Child mind is very great. Always wanting to test everything.
My childhood belief was in superhero,then i really believed in superpower. We children when playing then we call ourselves names.


Thanks glad you enjoyed the post, lol oh yes how could I forget super powers! I always wanted to be able to fly, watching way too much dragon ball Z that’s why! What was the super power you always wanted?

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Mine is that of superman super strong


Superman always goes down well with kids. To be honest I was more and Still am a Batman fan, his my favourite character of all time


Very funny how to pose the post ... the truth I go back to my childhood in many things, dig up to China ... who did not think?
Well, when I was a child I really liked the sea, to dive, luckily I was not afraid of anything and I learned to swim, when I dived, I thought I was in space, it was the maximum. I thought the same thing when I dived in a pool. I wanted to be an astronaut at some point in my life, that was the closest thing to being in space.
But I ended up being a doctor, and yes, very true what you say, one grows up and all those wonderful ideas and childish beliefs are eliminated with the growth ...


That's such an awesome memory im sure plenty of kids look up at the stars thinking they would love to explore it one day, then one of those kids become Elon Musk lol. Never give up on those dreams even if it takes you a life time

Hey fam, you are dope. Nice seeing you drop an awesome article.

Little children are always inquizitibe to explore the things of the world. They try many different things and end up settling for few of their immense interest after they might grown


LOL! Well I’m still saving all the competition Links and will get to them one by one! There’s no way I’m kicking the habit that easily!

Their brains are like a new self aware operating system and we like no let’s upload windows 95 based rules on them! I still think I’ve retained somewhat of my childish mindset! I mean I do still love fish fingers and twinkies

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Lol...fish finger? I cant recall the last time I did that but twinkling...haha


Lol me either but I do remember it was one of my favourite meals growing up


And you feel like going back again! Lol

jajaja es muy diverido tu post.

La única idea en la que tenía mi corazón puesto fue cavar en el patio trasero hasta que golpeé oro o hice todo el camino hasta China. Todos sabemos que todos los túneles conducen a China, jajaja yo tambien queria llegar a China, un abrazo @chekohler


LOL thanks! Didn't we all, China we here come!

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It got me thinking about how powerful the mind of a child is and how today that curiousity and imagination is probably one of the most profitable mindsets like EVER!
It should be curiosity instead of curiousity.

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