If we get a news, we should first examine the truth.

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Life in today's era with so advanced information technology certainly provides so much convenience for us to know what is happening in various parts of the world. What is now happening in America we can find out from our rooms, various media popping up like newspapers, television, up to the internet.
reading news in the newspaper or on the internet has become a habit and becomes our need every day, we certainly want to get good and correct information. their personal interests. nowadays we get a lot of news that is not true, news that is full of propaganda and news that can cause the split of the ummah. in facing problems like this we are required to be careful in taking attitudes so that we are not consumed by information - incorrect information. We as Muslims have got a clear explanation of the Koran about how we behave when we get a news or information, the Koran teaches us "if we get a news, first examine the truth before we convey it to others". So we need to check the news. if the news is true then we may convey it to others, because if we convey something that has not been ascertained the truth is feared will cause havoc to others. So we must be careful in taking news, we must take it from a clear and reliable source so that things don't go wrong ...
Today's social media is widely used to spread the news of propaganda and hoaxes that can divide the unity of the ummah, there are many expressions of hatred which if we are not careful and fall into something bad, so we must be careful in choosing good and right news .
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