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Htay from billionaires Bill Gates and the reading of the March Why We Want to examine what are the rest.

Bill Gates invented an early age, one day when you have Microsoft Windows software is the world's homes, Each office had the goal is to use computers. The latest Microsoft Windows software successfully, these are Gates became wealthy very wealthy billionaire. This is a higher buy it to sell production equipment profits because I think it could easily go around it. Just look carefully thought Bill Gates invented Windows system and Microsoft software is easy to use and very fast computers. Previously, a computer and want to calculate how difficult and complex programs are often made. The baby now, since Coerce class were selected using a Windows computer. Three. Bill Gates addressing the hardships of the people use computer customer support and send them grew rich side. If you successfully grow in a way that will resolve those problems do.

In March of baht various computer programs and . Harvard finished the second year, the University facemash designed to play the most beautiful female college students choose a kind of a game for fun. This was a very popular casino game. The university changed the name of the second and facemash invented Facebook. Facebook friends, to whom the world can. Friends can exchange information with each other. Let's look at photographs taken friends can be loaded. In seconds, with a friend They interact within minutes. Became popular. Facebook users in the world today, nearly two billion. People read of the social media invented by a smart car was 30 years old and became the world's youngest billionaire Htay.
Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn and Authony Robbin predictor of how they became rich. Rich, how to write a book that will sell. Several books have sold millions. Explain speaking people. He declared it was reported shots recorded compact disks, Sell ​​a video tape. Million dollars were sold. If you talk about a match $. Why, why they succeed. They know, Chen told these people, because I practiced Your Millions know Htay communication. He can make people want to make the voices of the people wealth.

So if you Undo an economy is whether we are able to resolve the problem. Or people in this job, I would be able to fulfill his desire. Can you create an environment people.

Without these goals after his single self and make money, press the industry has failed, or that you will not grow and succeed, he is not going to happen.
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