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Make today

(1) From today, those on his back.

(2) today to deal with the problems that will face the front.

(3) From today, no matter what the thing is that I do not lie.

(4) From today, while putting your happiness.

(5) From today on your stand proud.

(6) From today, living in the present-depth work.

(7) From today, learn from mistakes.

(8) yet to be created in your own mind.

(9) Treat all yet delicate.

(10), which today owns his property value.

(11) in the foot today to share advice.

(12) From today forward is believed.

(13) From today, which will benefit the association and Allianz.

(14) From today, the new experiences next Rights (2) times.

(15) compete today and yesterday.

(16) For yet others praise for victory.

(17) the result of the difficult yet looked after birth.

(18) For yet others, and self-forgiveness.

(19) yet near his burden to help people.

(20) From today, to listen to his inner voice.
(21) today to stress his point known and come to slacken.

(22) yet to find the beauty in the small small things.

(23) are not yet complete and accept the shortcomings.

Walking (24), yet his goal every day.

(25), today expressed his true feelings.

(26) From today, he is responsible for his life.

(27) From today on his life's important partner, loving, tender.

(28) yet able to control his study focused on things.

(29) working towards a good result today.

(30) From today, I think you will rush to poverty, you can think about is how much happiness and prosperity.
credit -@cheerylay

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