You’re The Most Beautiful

in #esteem3 years ago


I fall …
Chasing the shadows you.
Much in my heart.
Many praises for you …

I’m silent..
Gazing at the distant yourselves who has walked in front left me.
I cried …
Feeling hopeless will lack capability.

I just sit down sweetie.
Hope you come back and hold my hand to walk with you.

In vain …
I can not running.

I’m too much different with you.
You’re always praised.
Always proud of because all you have …

As for me …!!!
I could not follow you.
You’re the idol so far.
You’re the model so far.
A trail that makes them proud.

I am. ..
I can’t be like you.
You who always smile if I’m wrong.
You are always laughing if I’m joking.
You who always encourage each of my feet.
You are the best person for me.
You are the best person in this lifetime.

You … you …
You are my brother.
People who always make me laugh.
People who always make me smile.
The older brother who always loved me.

I’m aware of can’t be like you.
Because basically we are indeed different.
Your life path and the path of my life.
Always never the same...