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Wealth =

Time & Freedom + Health & Happiness + Friends & Family

What we mean by Wealth Inception is providing a way for you to greatly improve your finances without additional stress or taking more of your time. GRAYLL would like to help you reduce trading time for income, there are only 24 hours in a day.

Even for the financially wealthiest people in the world, time is their most valued asset. There never really seems to be enough time to achieve every goal and fulfill all desires for most people. GRAYLL provides a new digital system with opportunities to generate wealth for everyone.

We are creating a new digital economy, it's time to change your paradigm. Let our algorithms do the work and tip the balance in your favour. Simplified generation of exponential returns = ROI²


GRAYLL is a simple start & stop system which contains algorithms that are able to conceive exponential profits for you. No investment or financial trading experience is required, GRAYLL AI supports you.

You do not have to forecast any trends, conduct fundamental or technical analysis, the algorithms are able to navigate any asset in any market condition for you; bull, bear and sideways trading markets.


hedges against price inflation, as prices increase relative to income, and provides high yields compared to saving accounts. Arkady can be used to de-risking any investment portfolio including traditional holdings such as shares when markets are in declining trends


is ideal for people seeking higher profits in a shorter period of time, it will send you notifications that it is reaching its maximum potential, within a range of 20-40 days. Balthazar will suit people that are more engaged and don’t mind checking their App regularly.


is well suited for people seeking high profits in a short to “medium” term, it allows people a more flexible schedule to take action based on alerts they received. The notifications that it has reached its maximum performance range will be sent within a 45 to 75 day time-frame.


is ideal for people seeking double digit profits over a “longer” period of time, it will send notifications that it is reaching its maximum potential, within a range of 70-100 days. Melkior is attractive for people that are less engaged and would prefer to check their App sporadically.

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