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Information provided in this posts i have taken from UUNIT

I Have Joined UUNit. Join By Invite Only

Chad Stretton - UUnit Free Digital Gold

UUnit is a unique project aiming to create the next digital gold by building a distributed community for a new cryptocurrency. Unlike all the previous digital currencies, UUnits are distributed for free to grow the community and create value. As UUnits are free there is no risk to lose money, and only a name and email is required to join. However, the amount of UUnits distributed goes down for each new community member, so the earliest adopters have the highest potential reward.

Here is my invite link:

Let me know after you have registered at, as my invite link will expire and I need to verify you in the system.

Leave Message At The Bottom Of This Post So I Can Verify You Once You Have Registered.

Here is my invite link:


To Join us on Discord click HERE

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