Trust on your hand; No pain, no gain.

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Hello dear friends!

Often, we spread out our hands in front of God rather than diligently, that God, to maintain happiness and prosperity in our lives. Our family will always be happy, but does God fulfill our desire by spreading our hands in front of God. Probably not.
God also helps those people who trust in their hands, that is, those who believe in hard work.
As soon as the examination begins, the students will be seen worshiping in the mosque in the mosque in the gurudwara and pray to God that this time my test is good.
But the exams are good only when we work hard and keep preparations for subject matter. God is a medium, but we have to do our own toil.
It is true that we will not be able to progress towards success in the future unless we disagree with the duty of duty. As it is said, no pain no gain means that till we do not experience pain, we can not experience happiness.
Because happiness and misery, gain and loss, birth and death, such aspects of darkness and light life, no one has been deprived of them. Small ant also collects its food safely for rainy days from hard work, then why can not we save the happiness for our life by doing hard work.
Actually there is no need to change the world. Neither is there any need to worship in the temple mosque. Rather, the person needs to change himself, there is a need to learn to work hard so that it is not necessary to feel the need to stretch his hand in front of others.

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