Interesting fact about beast in the world

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  • Using their legs, cheetah can run at up-to 100kph(62mph) over a short distance! They don't need long to catch their targets, a typical chase is over in 20seconds. Strong legs and hard paws help a cheetah fly over the ground with strides that are 7m (23ft) long - that's longer than a car! A long tail also allows it to change direction during a chase.

  • Scientist think a cheetah's tear lines protect its eyes from the glare of bright sunlight. This helps it see prey more clearly. When a cheetah sprints, all four of its feet can lift off the ground at the same time - as if it is flying through the air. They are stealthy hunters, their spotty coats allow them to blend in to the long grass without being seen.




  • Sloths are the slowest mammals in the world! They spend most of their lives hanging upside down in tropical forests., they are not as lazy as people think, they actually only sleep for about 10 hours a day. Sloths are suited to a life in the trees. They grip branches using long, curved claws on their feet. With such a super grip, they can sleep, eat, mate and give birth, all while hanging upside down!

    While sloths are good at hanging in the trees, they move clumsily on the ground. Instead of walking, a sloth lies on its belly and pulls itself along with its claws.


  • By beating their small wings incredibly fast, beautiful hummingbirds can hover expertly in the air. Hummingbirds are skilled fliers and can move forwards, backwards, sideways and even fly upside down! They are named after the humming sound their wings make when they hover at high speeds. While they are excellent at flying, they are not very good at walking or hopping because their legs are very short!

    Hummingbirds build the smallest nests of any bird. The vervain humming bird's nest is the size of half a walnut shell. The bee hummingbird is only 57mm long, which is smaller than some butterflies! Humminbirds need to eat a lot of food to fuel their acrobatic flying. They feed on nectar from flowers by sticking out their long tongues while hovering in the air.




  • Amazing chameleons are famous for their ability to change color. Some do this to blend into their surroundings, but most change colour to show other chameleons what they are feeling. Using their long, sticky tongues, chameleons feed mainly on insects. They shoot out their tongues quickly to catch their prey before it escapes! Chameleons are able to look at two things at once! They can move their eyes in different directions at the same time. This gives them a 360-degree view of the world around them.

    Tiny dwarf chameleons can look just like dead leaves! If threatened, they will drop to the leaf-covered ground and lie very still.




  • Eight-armed octopuses are smart sea creatures. They can squeeze their bodies into tight and tiny spaces to hide from predators. To escape an attack, an octopus can lose an arm and then regrow it afterwards! The blue-ringed octopus is very dangerous. It is venomous enough to kill a person.




  • camels live in extreme environments! By storing fat in their humps, they can survive several weeks in the desert without food. Dromedary camels have one hump, and bactrian camels have two. Camels that have not eaten for a long time may not have a hump at all! Camels can last several months without water - even when it is extremely hot. To save even more water, a camel doesn't sweat until its body temperature hits 40.5°C (105° F)

    Camels are suited to life in the sandy desert. They can use their long, thick eyelashes to keep out grains of sand, and they have tough mouths for eating thorny plants.


  • frogs live and breathe on land and in water, on land, a frog can breathe using its lungs, but in water, it takes in oxygen through its skin. The bright colour of the tiny golden poison dart frog warns others to stay away from its poisonous skin. It's the most poisonous frog in the world and although it only grows to 3.5 cm, it could kill ten grown men with its poison.



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