Focus Stacked Macro #96

in esteem •  7 months ago

Fly's head

Some focus stacked macro shots I took of a dead fly I found on my window sill the other day.

  • Shots taken with the Olympus E-M5II and 60mm lens.
  • Stacked with Zerene Stacker
  • Edited with Capture One



Thanks for taking a look at my photography

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Excellent shots indeed


Very nice photo!
If you are interested in macro photography I suggest you to participate in my [50 SBD TO WIN] / 🐜 7 DAYS MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST 2 🐜.


See you!



Thank you for the invitation but i have been too busy this week.


So bad... Maybe next time =D


Really enjoyed your post and added it to this week's episode of Biomimicry Inspirations. Hope you enjoy!


Thank you so much for featuring me.


It is my pleasure!

Hi @brianhphotos,

Such amazing detail. Great work! I love the look of the eyes. (and everything else too.)

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Thank You. I am pleased you liked it.

I am honored that @curie would consider featuring my post in an Author Showcase.

The only thing I would add is that I am going through a personally difficult period at the moment and am not able to spend as much time as I would like posting to Steemit and following my hobby of macro photography. I hope this period will be over soon - maybe by the end of the year.

Two of my three Sons are also on steemit, @branhmusic and @the3metrewrap who continue to provide excellent content.

I also respect massively the talent and work that @stef1, @myskye and @art-venture are doing for the drawing, painting, artist, photographer community on steemit. They do a great job encouraging young talent to the platform.

I would also like to mention @starkerz who introduced me and my Sons to steemit and who does such a brilliant job of promoting steemit world wide.

In the future, when my crap is over, I would like to start using dlive more, to provide a training service for anyone who would like to know how to focus stack. I use Zerene stacker which I believe is the best but I know of free stacking software which I would like to demonstrate to the photographer on a budget or someone who would just like to try it out.

Thank you again, @brianhphotos


Honoured to get a mention in this Brian, I hope u get through ur tough spot, there is an opportunity in everything, especially the tough times! I continue promoting steem, cus of messages like this!! Thanks man!


Cheers Matt. Thank You

I wouldn't even consider taking photos of a dead fly, lol. These shots are stunning, though!


I guess I'm a bit weired but I find it interesting lol. I'm pleased you liked them, Thank You.

Hi brianhphotos,

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Thank You.

I can't say really much more than: WOW .. just amazing and so detailed. I've seen many macro pictures of flies before, but never one better than these. They are so great, thank you for sharing ! Loved to see more of your pictures, so pressing the follow button now :)


Thank you very much. Followed back.

There are so many thing we miss out when seeing things, especially things that appear to be really small, this photos captures all of those detail that we normally wouldn't see.

This is an amazing shot!


Thank you very much.

The fly looks like an alien from another planet 👍
Great capture, good job.

Never had heard about macro stacking. That’s why I’m on steemit everyday something new. So well deserved ups from curie you get 😀

Now I have to google for more informations :-) to this.


Thank You. You must give focus stacking a try.

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Those are spectacular shots. I guess you do not need to worry about him flying off if he is dead. I would never have expected all those hairs and different colors, and the nose looks like another creature is taking a ride.


Thank you. Insects look amazing close up.

Fantastic work. This is some thing new to me and I'm going to try it out, maybe even on some underwater subjects.


Thanks. I'll look forward to seeing your results. Most important thing is to keep your subject still during the shooting process.

@brianhphotos, Your photos are amazing. I've never seen anything like it in any book. Your photos allow you to see this insect in all the subtleties . These compound eyes, and hairs on the body - i can see everything in great detail. Thank you very much!


Thank you. Glad you liked it.

I also started with macro photography quite recently and I have to say, I really like the way it makes you look at things

If I may I will add a picture to this comment



Wonderful photos!!!

Wow, super photo!!! Wow!!!


Thank you.


Cool 📸

Nice shot @brianhphotos, what name this animal.
Thank you.


Thank You. We call it a common house fly.


Thanks you 🙏

Thanks a lot for this great fly head, i have never seen very close this kind of animal here are dificult because are sinonimus of sick it, but really really you have beautiful photos.


Thank you.

These are insane! I have a new found respect for the humble fly now. Their eyes are so other worldly. This one may be dead but you’ve captured such majesty, the colours are subtly phenomenal. Funny we can’t see this world without the aid of a camera.


Thank You.

These photos are just impressive!!!So well done i never saw a fly this close:D

wuooooooooooa AWESOME photos ... amazing shots :O ... unbelievable!!! very great!

These shots are quality!!! No problem with focus with dead subject :o)


Thanks. Too right, dead fly did make it easy for me get stack of shots off.


Thanks. Too right, dead fly
Did make it easy for me
Get stack of shots off.

                 - brianhphotos

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

haha! oh man brianphiotos that is one ugly insect! the photos are shockingly good but the subject matter is both fascinating and hideous at the same time! lol. I didn't know they looked like that. So I suppose you're going to do more insects like this?

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These shots are absolutely stunning and mind blowing!

Thank you Brian for supporting a new project, I hope it will have a long life :)


You're welcome, I hope you are successfull in encouraging talented artists to steemit.

They're very freakish looking! I'm glad they're usually too small and active to see this level of detail or I think that flies would give me nightmares.

Thanks to @anouk.nox, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!


Thank you so much.

😱Uuu nice job❤️. I will start using focus stacking in winter... Then I have way more time to do macros 🤗


Good job. Thank you

That is really amazing, I remember from the cartoons that those flies have a compound eyes and this is the reality how they are. Absolutely brilliant!

Brian, our great appreciation for supporting @art-venture :)


Thank You. Glad you liked it. I wish you all the success with @art-venture.

Oh goodness, how did you take these amazing shots @brianhphotos? The fly looks very creepy but the fact that you could take such a macro shot is really an outstanding work!


Thank you very much.

Fotos increíbles, detalles que pueden ser vistos sin mucho esfuerzo. Fascinante<3


Thank You.

@brianhphotos This is a great and spectacular shot. I've never seen the head of a fly this close. It's amazing all the parts of the fly we got to see with your big picture. He looked closely at everything, his eyes, nose, mouth and hair everywhere. Impersuasive. Congratulations on this amazing photo. A big hug.


Thank You vey much