Holding God By His Word. : A Weekendfreewrite Poetry.

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Close call this time, would we say wicked?
Prompt so hard to decipher, are we all educated
Mrs Marian, what have you done
This prompt, can't write on this one.
A dico, google to the help, looking for answers
O my, haba! Why this one a sunday
It could be something like "Worshipers"
But no, our mama picked the awkward one today.
Ever heard of making good that which is bad?
For this is what I'll do with one
Trying heard to poetically perfectly play this card
Make a happy ending of the sickness word.
Dangling by each steps, she calls out
If thou art the God of my father, hear my cry and shout
An old deranged woman comes to thee
For the eyes of the prophet of old never dim.
His angel came, set things right
Caducity became a complete wholeness
For His Word wouldn't return to Him void
I've held my part of the deal Lord
Come, hold Your Word to me, True.
From the east came this wind
Strange as it may, it came for one purpose
Healing for those who hold the Word
He healed Her, made her whole like those
For anyone who would hold the Word
Store in His heart and Mind and meditate
His promise is sure, they shall dominate
And share in the wholeness property of God.
An entry into @Mariannewest everyday freewrite

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