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Hello again our fellow investors. @bossku tentatively found a solution. Since some of our investors still have not ROI, we decided to reinvest partial of our earnings into @tipu.


Note that @bossku can't afford to delegate to @tipu, and therefore what @bossku can do is using our balance cash to purchase some #tpu token. As we all in Malaysia knows, TIPU is cheating or conducting a con job. So, TIPU makes a perfect match with BOSSKU.


See that, there's no SP being delegated. We purchased a little bit of the TPU with whatever balance in our wallet, and the 9.4TPU are actually worth 11.108SP, virtually. So yes, the payout from TIPU will be same as people whom delegate 11.108SP.


It may take like forever to gain back our initial investments, but what else can we do now? It's corona shit everywhere. Our factory being limited. Many of our army had been wiped out. May be it's time for us to focus on investments, rather than spending time making biscuits.


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