A glass of coffee and a cigarette accompany a light rain

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Good morning steemit user.

This morning the atmosphere was rather cloudy so I shared a photo of a glass of coffee and a cigarette that accompanied a light rain.


While drinking coffee with friends, I remembered to take a picture of a coffee cup for me to share on the steemit platform. I have also prepared a poem about enjoying coffee.


I don't hate you, I don't love you either. Sit here for a while with me, enjoy a coffee that is not too sweet.

No matter the weather is rainy or hot. Coffee is coffee that can always be enjoyed. And no matter added sugar, milk or creamer. Coffee has a bitter side as identity.

I'm just a cup of coffee. Gives temporary warmth and pleasure. If God does not want, I am just an ordinary liquid, which no one wants to touch.

So many posts this morning, forgive me if there are mistakes words that are not appropriate. I use Google Translate to translate this text.

Thank you very much for visiting this simple blog. If you like my blog, I'll be happy to receive votes and if you don't like it, just ignore it.

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coffee with cigarette is best after meal.

I Agree with You