World Bank Turkey's Growth Forecast Update

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The World Bank "ECA Economic Update" report for Turkey in the 2019 CPI estimate was determined as 9 percent. If Turkey 4.7 percent growth forecast for 2018, was announced as 4.4 percent for 2019. "TURKEY'S FOREIGN HIGH fragility" According to Bloomberg to the news, the current account balance / GDP ratio in 2018 estimated at 5.7 percent-to 2019 at 5.6 percent-as described in the report emphasized that Turkey's external vulnerability remains high. Raporda said that the weak lira and costly foreign financing could have an adverse effect on company balances: "Existing macroeconomic and anticipated external conditions require monetary and fiscal discipline, with exchange rate and interest rate risks, slowing economy and rapid credit growth indicating the potential deterioration in asset quality of the banking sector."



2018 yılını hiç sevmedim.

Emrah senle bir ara wapsaptan veya discorddann konuşalım kardesim

iyi günler. whatsapp görüşürüz. 2018 yılında mayıs ayına girdik piyasa kötü . işallah seçimler Ülkemiz için hayırlısı olur ve piyasa canlanır ve büyüme hedefleri tutturulur.

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