Harmony among religious people

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Usually on Sundays, the atmosphere in front of the house I will be very festive, starting from 07.00 am in the morning, they will start their religious routine, because in front of my house there are 3 different religions and 3 different places of worship including Buddhism, Christian Batak, and Protestant Christian. All places of worship are neatly lined up in front of my house. And I am Muslim, but our mosque is a bit far from their place of worship.

HKBP Lhokseumawe city

Original Photo by: @beurgek01

As I usually see every Sunday, usually this place is visited by the followers of Christianity and usually those who are Batak majority who attend this church.

Lhokseumawe city temple.

Original Photo by: @beurgek01

On Sundays they will usually start their activities starting at 07.00 am, at the start of their children's school, Sunday school, and then continue with their parents' activities, those who come especially the Thionghoa

Church Methodist Indonesia

Original Photo by: @ beurgek01

Usually the people who come here are the majority of Thionghoa as well, all of these followers of their faith begin their activities with the morning activity first, usually their children's special occasion.

But we are deeply respectful of inter-religious harmony, we respect each other, we will keep each other peaceful, they are very appreciative of our diverse Islam, if they celebrate their great day, like christmas and others, then they will hold a few events for orphans Muslims, usually they will divide the various foods.

As I see each of them celebrating their big day, So they will involve the youths here to help keep the security together.

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