Extraculicular work at my school

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Hi all my friends, ... how are you guys, today I will share one of my activities at my school, that is the process of making tempe, this activity is the subjects in my school, the lesson IPA (natural science)

Original Photo By @beurgek01

Here we need some materials needed to make tempe like:

  1. Soybeans.

    Original Photo By @beurgek01

  2. Yeast

  3. Banana or plastic leave

Original Photo By @beurgek01

The process of making it

  1. Soak beans until fluffy and peel off.

  2. Boil soybeans until done

    Original Photo By @beurgek01

  3. Then peel the skin.
    Here we peeled it together with my group mates

    Original Photo By @beurgek01

    This is me and my friends who are peeling the skin of soybeans

    Original Photo By @beurgek01

    Original Photo By @beurgek01

    Original Photo By @beurgek01

  4. Then dry it dry

    Original Photo By @beurgek01

  5. Then mix with yeast and stir until mixed everything.

    Original Photo By @beurgek01

  6. Wrap the soybeans that have been mixed with yeast.

Original Photo By @beurgek01

  1. This is a tempe that is almost so.

    Original Photo By @beurgek01
  2. This tempe has been successfully fermented

Original Photo By @beurgek01

Thus the results of practice in my school today, may be useful for all friends.
Thank you for visiting my platform today, do not forget to comment, vote, and resteem. See you next time


Bereh,,good job...
Biet keuh hana kajak les,rupajih ka gadoh ngen steemit ya..

Thank you very much my [email protected] 😂

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