Crab cooked gulai typical aceh

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Hi steemian friends

Last afternoon when I came home from school, I saw my mother cooking my favorite dish, which is crab cooking curry, I really like it because it tastes savory and slightly spicy.

OriginalPhotoBy @beurgek01

I am very happy to be able to enjoy this menu, delicious food.

But I will explain a little explanation about the crab, because sometimes we can not distinguish between crab and flattery.


Original Photo By @beurgek01

  1. Shape, shell and skin color
    in fact, the difference between two seafood is quite clear, from the shape of the crab tends to widen and more slender while the crab is more round and thick. Both colors are different, where the crab greenish color with white patches (females) and bluish white spot (male). Well if the crab, want a female or male, only have one color that is brownish green. Then in terms of claws, crabs have a longer claws and slimmer than crabs. Even so, crab claws are considered stronger and harder than the crab claws.

  2. Environment
    Crabs are a type of animal that can live in two realms, water and sea. No wonder, crabs are easier to find because life in the waters not too deep and near the beach. In contrast, the crab can not live out of water at all. Therefore, marine animals also called "swimming crab" should be sought in deeper waters.

  3. The amount of meat and nutritional content
    Crab meat and crab can be compared. Generally, crab meat is more and more sweet than a crab. However, do not be sorry if you often buy a crab, yes. You can also get more crab meat with physical attention. Choose a crab that feels heavy when lifted and hard shells.

Well crabs may have more meat, but the nutritional content can be pitted once. Broadly speaking, crabs have higher protein content than crabs. In addition, crabs are also low in fat and cholesterol. In contrast to the crab that the fat content is more, so that the texture of the meat also feels softer than the crab.

Usually, my mother processed into several menus, sometimes my mother cooks crab soup, Padang crab cakes, crabs cooking curry like today, sometimes mothers cook crab soup noodles.

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