bloated fish and sambal balado eggs (eungkot reughak ngon boh manok sambai)language aceh

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this time I will cook bloated and sambal balado eggs, sambal balado is my favorite food. before processing bloated fish and sambal balado egg, I will explain about the bloated fish.

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**bloated fish **

Bloating is the name of a group of marine fish belonging to the Rastrelliger clan, the Scombridae tribe. Although small, this fish is still related to mackerel, tuna, tuna, madidihang, and mackerel. In Ambon, this fish is known by the name of the lema or tatare, in Makassar called banyar or banyara. From here obtained the term bloated banjar.

Bloating includes small pelagic fish that have medium economic value, thus counting as an important commodity for local fishermen. Bloating is usually sold fresh or processed into pindang fish and salted fish that is more durable. Small bloated fish is also often used as live bait for skipjack fishing.

The slender body is elongated, flattened and rather tall, 1: 3.7-6 compared to the FL length (fork length). Dorsal side is dark, turquoise to brownish, with 1-2 rows of dark spots stretching near the base of the dorsal fin; silvery ventral scales.

Scales that cover the small and uniform bloating. The dorsal fin in two bundles, followed by 5 additional small fins. The same number of finlets is also behind the anal fin, the first thorn anal little fin. A pair of small-sized hulled tails are found on each side of the tail rod. In front and behind the eyes there are fatty eyelids.

that's my little explanation about the bloated fish, I will continue the way of making balado bloated fish.

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Mop up spices like red peppers, tomatoes, and onions.

fry the bloated fish to dry

cook the chili grinder with oil, then cook until cooked. Then mix it with boiled eggs.

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So my brief explanation, hopefully can inspire.
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