resep saus berbeque

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Oil 3 tbsp image
Onion 1/2 fruit. Smooth counters
Garlic 3 cloves. Smooth counters
Red pepper1 fruit. Smooth counters
8 tbsp tomato sauce
Palm sugar (or brown sugar) 80 grams
3-4 tbsp vinegar
English sauce (worchestershire sauce) 6 tbsp
Crusty black pepper (or white pepper) 1/2 tsp
Salt 1 tsp
Cow Broth 2 small blocks. It is optional, can be added or removed
How to make:

Heat oil, saute onion, garlic and red pepper until wilted. Be careful not to burn.
Enter all other ingredients, mix well and cook over medium heat until it starts to heat up.
Put in a blender and mix until smooth (can also use a hand blender). May also not blend, as long as onions, garlic and peppers are chopped very fine.
Use as a spread of meat before baking and as a steak sauce.
For best results do not forget to taste the taste. Customize your own salty, sour, and sweet taste to taste. Chili powder can be added to p ...