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List of Materials image
60 grams of butter
100 grams margarine
100 grams of powdered sugar
60 grams of corn flakes, mashed slightly roughly
1 chicken eggs, choose which is still good
30 grams of milk powder, sieve also until smooth
100 grams chocholate chips, choose a quality
½ teaspoon baking powder, sift first
30 grams of cornstarch, sift first until smooth
How To Easily Make A Special Dried Cake Crispy Lebaran Good, Crispy and Also Soft
Creation Steps
Prepare the mixer as well as a large berukura container to stir the sugar and butter until both ingredients are evenly and perfectly smooth.
Take a pre-prepared chicken egg then you slowly enter the dough and stir all the ingredients until they are evenly mixed and perfectly mixed.
Add some other ingredients such as cornstarch, baking powser and milk powder. After all the ingredients come in, please shake them back until they blend in completely uniformly.