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isadur from vemale page, following processed potato which is now again present and hits really. About the flavor do not worry, it's really nice kebangetan and make addictive.

Curious what processed potatoes? Cheese potatoes taste delicious kebangetan. And the following recipe.

500 grams of potatoes
100 grams of cornstarch
50 grams of grated cheese
Salt to taste)
Pepper powder (to taste)
Powdered chicken broth (to taste)
1 celery stalk (finely chopped)
Cooking oil
How to make:

Boil or steam the potatoes until cooked and tender. Peel the skin, crush the potatoes.
Add cornstarch, shredded cheese, salt, pepper powder, chicken broth and celery leaves into the potatoes.
Stir all the ingredients until smooth and make sure it feels right.
Print the potatoes by taking a little from the pan and then roll the rolls according to taste.
Heat oil, fry potatoes cheese until the outside is dry and golden yellow.
Lift the cooked fried cheese potatoes, drain.
Serve kentan ...