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Ingredients Needed To Make Onde-Onde Sesame Cake Contents Green Beans / Soft Nuts and Types
Main Ingredients of Onde-Onde Leather Cake Sesame Kacang Hijau / Ijo image
375 grams of white sticky rice flour
75 grams of potatoes
265 ml of warm water
35 grams of fine sugar
3/4 teaspoon salt
Right amount of oil
150 grams of sesame for coating
Cake Contents Onde-Onde Sesame Contents Green Beans / Ijo
200 grams of skinless green peas
1 pandan leaves
75 grams of sugar
75 ml of coconut milk taken from 1/4 coconut
1/4 teaspoon salt
How To Make Sesame Onde-Onde Cake Contents Of Green Beans / Ijo Soft and Typical
How to Prepare Sesame Onde-Onde Ingredients Contents of Green Beans / Ijo
Steam the potatoes you have prepared. If the potato is finished in the steamed or cooked, you can immediately smooth it. Blend the potatoes in a pounded way.
Soak the green beans for 1 hour.
How to Make Cake Contents Onde-Onde Sesame Contents Green Beans / Ijo
Take the green beans you have soaked earlier. Then steam the green beans ...