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As I started in my last post, the Hindrances to Multiplication and Fruitfulness ( based on my personal opinion), we shall continue from there.

Like I listed before, hindrances to Multiplication and fruitfulness are:

  • Inexperience
  • Complaints
  • Principalities
  • Fear
  • Timing
    I was able to discuss on the first two pointa, today I will start my discussion from the third point

3. PRINCIPALITIES: Principalities are not only demons. They are people in power over your life.

Eccl.4:1. So I returned, and considered all the oppressions that are done under the sun: and behold the tears of such as were oppressed, and they had no comforter; and on the side of their oppressors there was power; but they had no comforter.

Those that have authority one way or the other over you. Like in the time of Jesus Christ, the Pharisees/Sadducee were the principalities. These people somehow have some understanding on how to keep you perpetually on the same spot. Your advancement is a threat to them. Your steps towards being fruitful are never welcomed by these people. Sharing your vision with them is a big mistake. They will give you advice's that will kill the vision. They fell your advancement will mean equality with them.

These people can be used by the devil. They are good in tongue lashing. Their tongue can weaken you to forget your aspirations for multiplication. There is power in the tongue. Some people are anointed to kill you psychologically. They can abuse you till you see yourself as being useless. You will not even bother to struggle to achieve again, rather you succumb to the words of the people over you.

My candid advice is that, leave these people, if you can't run away from them, grow a thick skin against their evil words. If this didn't suit you, pray for God's intervention. God can see you through from them. Jesus Christ survived and overcame the principalities of His time by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit on Him.
He puts them where they belong. He dealt with them in His prayers and He succeeded in their presence. You will succeed only by the power of Holy Spirit.

When these powers are in vogue, their main target is to make you lose focus. After that, you may grow bitterness towards them. Once you are in bitterness against anyone, you are not walking in love, fruitfulness will be a marriage.

In 2king 18:28, 34-36.The Israelites were yo go for warfare with the Assyrian. Rabshakeh came to the camp of the Israelites to speak the language of the Israelites. It was a word meant to psychologically weaken the Armies of Israel. He spoke in Hebrews to the owners of the language. Satan can go to any length to see you forget the perfect plans of God for your life. Satan is not your creator. Thank God Hezekiah had previously advised the soldiers
not to reply the Assyrian man.

When you notice that someone is stronger than you and is pleased in weakening, criticizing, demoralizing or frustrating you always, keep quiet. Do not fight back or shout. There is power in silence. You don't know where God is taking you. You shouldn't fight your back-biters. They will always be at your back.
The sane experience goes with Joseph. At the end of the DAT, the purpose of God came through for Him. He was fruitful and multiplied greatly. Joseph did not alter any resistance when his elder brothers mal-threatened him and sold him out.

What should be your attitude to those that wanted you down but God help you overcome? Forget the past and forgive them. There is no future in the past, it is already in the past. You senior your past. The past cannot overtake you again. You had overcome, that is why you have a story to tell.

I stand against every tongue waging against your life and destiny. The tongue of the opposes of Jesus Christ never prevailed on Him. You will overcome your antagonists in the name of Jesus Christ. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper and EVERY TONGUE rising against you shall be condemned. Take your stand and condemn them. Command confusion of languages in their midst. You can't afford to be stagnant.

Isa. 54:17 - No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

4. FEAR: Challenges confronting our multiplication is the fear to take new steps. The fear of what the future holds may becloud us from moving to the next level of our life. Jesus Christ could be confronted with this fear. He could've thought what if the people don't accept His word, will He still be relevant in Heaven? But He damned all the thoughts and still ventured to the earth to fulfill His purpose in life for humanity. Praise God.

Do not be afraid of the future. In actual sense, the future is coming closer to you while your past is running away each day. Your days of joy are coming closer each day. Pray and take steps positively. Imagine a secondary school leaver. He had been told that the university is a tough place. He built up the fear, the school environment, lecturers, multitude of people, the hostel, fear of cultist etc. Because of that hr prefers to stay at home, yet he wants to be great in life. How do you think our friend can achieve fruitfulness.

The future holds greatness for you. The opposite of greatness is fear. See it as dead in your past. Let it flee with the past. See the prosperity in the future attracting to you.

We also nurse the questions of what could happen. An adage says, coward dies before death come to them. Why should your nurse evil or uncertainly always? Why not always think of the unfailing God always. Tell yourselves loud and clear...
My future is bright, I will get there...
Fear builds up anxiety. Anxiety is just restlessness after series of bad thoughts. Being too careful will increase doubt. It leads to inferiority complex. Nobody can take what belongs to you. No man or demon can stand against your fruitfulness. The devil fights our minds. He pumps fear into your heart so as not to reason properly. You can't see the power of God to help when you are fearful.

Have you experienced being in a little problem and you keep looking for help from man? It is when you don't see a way out that you remember there is God. And as you pray, God proved Himself.

It has happened to me several times. That is what the devil uses. He will blind you to God the Big helper. Many people, including Christians eulogises Satan as being very power but lacks salvation. This is a lie from hell. Satan has no power at all. He only schemes, he is fake, he doesn't know your tomorrow nor the good plans of God for your life. Our God is 100 years ahead of Satan. That is why he is confused about you. He (Satan) doesn't know what to do with your life. He is a confused man, he is looking for your support to make you lose your focus and take God for a liar.

5. TIMING: Time is divine. Every breakthrough is tied to a particular timing in our life. Father Abraham had been waiting on God for the fruit of the womb. He followed God for 25years with great promises but no results. That is not to say God never hear his prayers. God protected him, blessed him, blessed his cattles and servants. The period of the promises of God to the physical manifestation is known as the Time. Many of us fall into the traps of fake prophets in our quest to make ends meet. We find it difficult to allow the timing of God come through. Act 2:1-4.

There is the right timing for everything on the surface of the Earth. You should be on the right track to run and win. The place of the word of God cannot be over emphasized. In the book of Genesis 1:28, God blessed man to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth.

You can't jump the time God ordained for you. Sometimes you think your sins are too much that is why your answers are delayed. It not be so, there is the timing for every promise of God. At the fullness of time, few prayers will get the answers done.

Divine timing will give you speed to make up the times lost. Others might have gone ahead of you. At the fullness of time, you will do mighty exploit for the Lord and you'll be happy.

Jesus Christ told His mother Mary that His time has not yet come (John 2:4) Jesus Christ waited for His fullness of time. That is why people could listen to Him. He was not in rivalry with other preachers in His day. John the Baptist bears witness that he must decrease so that Jesus Christ will increase John 3:30. John the Baptist knew his time has lapsed. The time of Jesus manifestation, John had to step down for Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was already alive when John the Baptist was making waves but when his time lapse, the time of Jesus Christ began. Hence the mighty signs and wonders in Jesus ministry. Brethren, when your time is full, your distractors will be the one to pave way for you. You will shine and nothing can cover it or overshadow you.

You are already blessed by God to be fruitful and multiply but there is the set time for your manifestation. You will not miss out in the name of Jesus Christ. Just relax, pray and wait on the Lord (Isaiah 40:32, Psalm 102:13).

You will not miss the directions for your life. A man who loses direction will end up in frustration.

In Acts 7:6, God spokes that the Israelites were to be in a strange land as slaves for 400years. They were maltreated through, but at the fullness of time, their prayers received the attention of Heaven and they were delivered. A deliverer in the person of Moses was sent to them. Exodus 3:1-5.

At the fullness of time, God's provision will be available. Men would rally round you to bring the fulfillment of God's promises. The elders of Israel gathered together to unanimously appoint David as the king. Though he had been chosen by God yet a "Saul" was his antagonist. 1Chronicles 12:22-23,32,38. 1chronicles 11:10.

The situation of David seems from bad to worse as long as Saul was alive. Why did God allow Saul to live for so long to prevent David from the throne?

You might have asked the same question about yourselves. A beautiful promising life is at your disposal. The declaration for your lifting is so glaring that nothing can alter it. Yet, the promise is yet to materialize. You wonder what could be wrong. You wander in the wilderness so to speak.

Is there a king pursuing you far from throne which is your destination. You wonder where God is. Though God anointed David as king but he was prevented from being there. But God turned his predicaments to appointment. It was in the wilderness, in his quest to escape from Saul that David wrote most of the Psalms. The Psalm is 150 chapters with 2,431 verses. Wao!!, have you thought of that? If David ascends the throne immediately he was anointed, I and you may not be privileged to see the mightiness, awesomeness, mercy of God as we have seen it today in the book of Psalms.

When your timing is ripe, God will personally step in. Saul died or killed himself. 1 Samuel 31:4 His sons died in the same battle. The followers of Saul knew that they had been following the wrong man all these years. They gathered together and they went to the wilderness to make David king. Mind you, wilderness trees, water, shade nor human habilitation. It is a place for wild animals. The weather condition is very harsh. David found himself in this condition. God was teaching him and leading him to write all his experiences in a scroll. Had it been that he was in the palace, he may not have the same challenges that could have prompted him of those experiences.

It's because your fullness of time is yet to come, that is why the devil seems victorious in your life. It's all a lie! your song and prayer point is going to change for good.

Jesus Christ multiplied few bread and fishes to feed 5,000 and 4,000 people with abundant left-overs. His fame spreads without struggle Matthew 14:15-21, Mark 8:19. Your time will come.

We all have different opinion when it comes to diverse of issues, you might have other opinions or points as to hinderances to multiplication and Fruitfulness, you are free to share with my readers and I in the comment space.

Thanks for staying tuned...
I remain your naijalady @bekky...

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