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It will be of great importance if we take note of some practical, day-to-day experiences that can cause a barrier in achieving results in our life and ministry. Adam and Eve were given firsthand promises from God, direct from the mouth of God even before it was written in the scroll or Bible. I believe strongly that the promises of fruitfulness and multiplication were given directly to them. It was not only the written word, but the potent, inspired word from God. We are making use of these promises even after thousands of years of activeness.

But between the times of the spoken word to the time of the manifestation in Adam/Eve there were so many hindrances, through not caused by God. It is a pity, the first man was not excused from our present day predicaments. Even though inexperienced about life (so to speak) the enemy showed up as soon as the beginning of their blessing was relayed to them. Adam and Eve, had difficulties in maximizing the potentials of their fruitful lives.

We may likely find faults with them. You know it is easy to see other people's faults without putting ourselves in their shoes. Either we blame them now or not, the deed is already cast. They had passed through their own challenges. I know if Adam and Eve were to come back to earth the second time, they will know better how to handle the situations of their life than you and I.

The following are some of the hindrances to multiplication and fruitfulness:

  • Inexperience
  • Complaints
  • Principalities
  • Fear
  • Timing

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1. INEXPERIENCE: Let's see some challenges of Adam and Eve before we go into details of our own contemporary life challenges. Adam and Eve first had the challenge of inexperience. They were new and the only human being in the Garden of Eden. They literally learn from mistakes. Satan saw their naivety, innocence and weakness. He takes advantages of their weak points.

A brother gained admission into a university. The seniors he met there took advantage of him. Some threatened him, took his money and made him pass through difficulties in his first year. After the experience he also was wise and he understood the nitty thrifty of the campus environment. He said "pastor, I paid for my weakness and foolishness, he was a novice in the environment. That is always the plight of young " Jambite"
You may likely not enjoy your experience when you are moving higher in life. As a student, you may not understand in your primary school days what education means. You may be an average student or below average. As you move higher you'll discover that you get used to the school system and your mind can improve drastically.

You should know that though your beginning may be small, your end should GREATLY INCREASE.

Job.8:7 Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.

Adam and Eve were successfully exploited by Satan because they were not experienced like Lucifer. The holy spirit is not given to them like you and I. You are not permitted to be overtaken by Satan. Why? Experiences in physical and spiritual things are all around you.
Learn from others. Grow to maturity through the word of God. Read good Christian literatures which are full of expositions or victories over Satan and his works. They are full of the promises, faithfulness of God from generations to generation even in our contemporary life. If you allow Satan to overcome you, you allowed or permit him. You will not fail anymore. Your inexperience should not weigh you down. You should rather be ready to learn new things. Be prepared for examinations. It is the yardstick or license to show that you have passed through that school of thought before.

2. COMPLAINTS: We saw that Jesus Christ and His disciples were traveling on a ship after preaching with great signs and wonders. The disciples were enjoying themselves in the voyage. As you will agree with me, the disciples started cracking jokes and talking about some experiences of how Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead etc. I think there could be minor argument on who first prayed for the sick among them. They could also feel the temperature of the water to know how many fishes they could catch if they happen to be fishing.

Jesus Christ may contribute a little but left them in the discussion. He went to sleep. Not long, storm started disturbing. "Storm is normal in the ocean" says Peter and his friends. But all the styles and skills they know to control it never worked. Many of them would have applied their experiences on their voyage profession but it never worked. I think some will flex their muscle and say they don't need to consult Jesus Christ after all its not His area of specialization. When all they know failed them, they knew it was not an ordinary storm, something was behind it. Peter may think that it was Jesus that stopped him from carrying out his talisman power about, else the storm is nothing before him. At last they went to wake their master Jesus up. They queried him, "don't you care if we perish"? Literally, they don't care if Jesus perished but they should not.

Mark 4:38. And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish?

As a leader in whatever capacity, your followers will shift any negative circumstances on you. The disciples were already blaming Jesus Christ by telling him, He was the one that initiated their journey. You see, when your suggestion didn't work out, people will shift all their misfortune on you. You may want their joy but pray it doesn't hit the rock. You may suffer from the evil for years to come. They will say, you lead them to their predicaments in life. Some are lazy but you may still be blamed for their laziness. You can not satisfy man. If you try to, you are digging your own untimely grave. Rather, do your best and leave the rest to the hands of God for perfection. You will not be ashamed.

The disciples allowed their present circumstances to determine their judgement. I discovered that when you are distressed or angry, your judgement will definitely be wrong. You may misbehave and at times can't think straight. Please never make a decision when you are not happy or distressed, you may not listen to God or willing to take counsel in those periods.

The disciples could not see their survival. They quickly zero their problem on Jesus Christ. Funny enough, Jesus Christ was sleeping. I imagine Peter saying "See this man we want to protect, He never cared to join us in this stormy waves. This man is selfish. In fact, is he another Jonah? Sleeping on the ship that is almost sinking, see water on His legs, what sort of sleep is this, should we die with him? Please let me wake this man up", Jesus woke up and rebuked the waves and there was a great calm.

You are expecting fruitfulness and multiplication but it seems slow or not showing up. Jesus wants you to see the other side of Him. You know Him as the Healer, Blesser, raised the dead, cleansed the lepers and that's all! The disciples saw another side of Jesus Christ. He could talk yo the wind and sea, they obeyed him. They were surprised. You will see the other side of Jesus Christ in your situation hidden from others in Jesus name. A new dimension of His counsel will be shown to you and you will move on eagles wings. Your trials and temptations will not destroy you, rather it will lead to your promotion. Trails will come but it is an avenue to see more of the divine deliverance of God in a new form.

Great multiplication is at your door step. Because you are unique that is why your multiplication is special. You will see those new things. New things are what have not been made available to everybody. Whenever you complain, you don't have faith in God, you are like the Israelite in the wilderness who were destroyed. When you murmur, you lose your fruitfulness to the devil who is the author of confusion. It is an uncommon experience. New car last year is no more new this year, another model is out specially made with specification for a purpose. You are being moulded with specification to serve a special objective. Don't allow trails to overcome you rather see it as an opportunity to discover new aspect of God in your life.
You will be celebrated. You will not only shall be fully restored in your life and ministry. Jesus Christ says, hitherto you have not asked, ask that your JOY may be full. Jn.16:24.

Join me next time where we will looking at other hinderances to Multiplication and Fruitfulness.

I remain your naijalady @bekky...


You're misinterpreting scripture. You can't look at a single verse taken out
of context and apply it to someone else. Look at the context in Job:

(Job 8:3-10 NIV) Does God pervert justice? Does the Almighty pervert what is right? {4} When your children sinned against him, he gave them over to the penalty of their sin. {5} But if you will look to God and plead with the Almighty, {6} if you are pure and upright, even now he will rouse himself on your behalf and restore you to your rightful place. {7} Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be. {8} "Ask the former generations and find out what their fathers learned, {9} for we were born only yesterday and know nothing, and our days on earth are but a shadow. {10} Will they not instruct you and tell you? Will they not bring forth words from their understanding?

I'm not sure what you're getting at with Adam and Even being fruitful. They had an untold number of children.

Much of the rest is unbiblical. It sounds like a horoscope.

"Great multiplication is at your door step. Because you are unique that is why your multiplication is special. You will see those new things. New things are what have not been made available to everybody. "

Job's friends were wrong. God didn't allow Job's children to die because they were wicked. So what was said didn't really even apply to Job.

Thanks for your observation and for voicing out your thought but I want you to know that we all have right to address single issue from our own perspective. More so, that I back up my write up with few Biblical Scriptures does not mean I have discarded other scriptures.

Once again thanks for voicing out your thoughts on my post...

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