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Do you ever wish that you could earn STEEM by just simply sharing a post? With my ReSTEEM Reward System You Can ! by ReSTEEMING any of my eligible posts and simply commenting that you ReSTEEMED it, YOU EARN 0.01 STEEM & 1 rRs POINT! The rRs points are earned in 3 simple ways adding up to a total of 2 rRs points per post, plus if you finish the month with the most points YOU WIN 2 STEEM

Here are the ways to earn rRs points

  1. ReSTEEM any of my post (comment on chosen post to indicate you’ve completed the ReSTEEM)
  2. Upvote on any of my post (comment on chosen post to indicate you’ve completed the upvote)
  3. Comment on the subject matter or chosen post.

Sample of a 2 rRs point performance

As you can see the user indicated that they upvoted and ReSTEEMED and commented on the subject matter of the post, totaling a 2 rRs points.

rRs Point Logs

Here’s a photo of what the logs look like

The log system is set up to give your totals of rRs points and steem earned.

reSTEEM Reward system cycles

So I figured the BEST cycle would be that if it starts on Monday morning and then the #STEEM and #rRs points will be tallied and sent out Sunday night. My goal is to have 2 posts a day, to maximize the reward for rRs users. This Sunday the first STEEM will be sent out and the first rRs points will be tallied.


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