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True friends are not seen the way he does good for you and others, but true friends, how you always exist for friends and others without expecting rewards

Success will never come for people who just wait without doing, success only for people who always do to realize what is in want

Your humility will not make you humiliated, your modesty will make you more honorable in the presence of others

Your humility will not make you humiliated, your modesty will make you more honorable in the presence of others

Do'a and your senyeman today, show that you have successfully passed the beauty of today than yesterday.

Long before you pray to Allah, your prayer is already granted by Him.

Your complaints will not get you out of trouble, but your efforts will get you out of trouble

True friends will always be there when you are sad, but do not be surprised if you disappear when you laugh

It's never too late to start something. Unless you want to end.

Humans will not be able to live alone without others, but by no means have to always rely on others

The mistakes you've experienced will make you grow more mature
Do better than the mistakes you've made

Want to look cool does not mean according to your will, look at people how to dress

Shown beautiful with short hairs of present trends, long hair trends and styles throughout the lifetime

Want to feel the pleasure of what you get, give what you want most you have achieved

Never say age has increased, but let's say your age is always diminished because sin is always on the increase

You will not be able to ignore everything you give to others, until you give what you like (Al'qur'an)

Do not believe someone in Allah until he loves your brother in faith like loving yourself

Goods ready to surrender all affairs to god, then the god responsible for the settlement

Theoretically I believe life must be enjoyed, but the reality is the opposite - Because not everything is easy to enjoy. (Charles Lamb)

People who want their dreams come true, must keep themselves from falling asleep. (Richard Wheeler)

If you want to be happy, create goals that can control your mind, release your energy, and inspire your hope, (Andrew Carnegie).

We only think when we hit a problem. (John Dewey)

The fault of others lies in our eyes, but our own fault lies on our backs. (Ruchert)

What is good for others is always the one who is really happy. (Aristotle)

All that is real is rational and all that is rational is real. (Hegel)

Before helping others, I must be able to help myself. Before strengthening others, I must be able to strengthen myself first. (Peter Claver)

Better to fight and lose than never fight at all. (Arthur Hugh Clough)

Life is a joke that has just begun. (W.S. Gilbert)

The person who can use and save money is the happiest person, because he has both the fun. (Samuel Johnson)

Wisdom never lies. (Homer)

God often visits us, but most of us are not at home. (Joseph Roux)

A good listener tries to fully understand what others are saying. In the end he might disagree strongly, but before he disagrees, he wants to know
first with exactly what he disagujuinya. (Kenneth A. Wells)

A man has fallen in love with a woman who will listen attentively. (Brenden Francis) image


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