5 ways to grow the easiest graft tree.

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Rambutan is a hard woody plant, so to plant it also requires a relatively wide land. Rambutan can be planted through seeds, but to obtain plants that can quickly bear fruit, it is advisable to plant through grafted seedlings.

5 ways to grow the easiest grass rambutan tree. Check out more:

1. Land Preparation

  • Make a planting hole with the length X width X height 50x50x50 cm.

  • Loose also land around the planting hole.

  • Afterwards enter the manure or compost as much as 3-4 kg into the planting hole.

  • Then let stand for one week, then can be done after planting.

2. Selection of Rambutan Seed Graft

  • Choose healthy plant seedlings are not affected by pests and diseases.

  • The leaves of the plant are fresh green and shiny.

  • No cuts or defects in the plant.

  • The height of the plant has reached 30 cm.

  • Plant roots do not come out of polybags.

  • Seedlings come from reliable seeded varieties.

  • Buy seeds at the trusted and certified seed selling place.

  • itemChoose seeds with sturdy and strong stems.

  • Put the seeds in a shady and shaded location, but still get direct sun radiation.

3. Planting on Farmland

  • A day before the planting should be manure / compost that is in the planting hole on the back.

  • Flush seeds first to be planted.

  • Then open the polybag plastic seeds by tearing the polybags.

  • After that, put the seeds into the planting hole, beseta with the soil.

  • Then close the planting hole with the soil until evenly distributed.

4. Care and Maintenance


Watering done at least 2 days. Do it regularly especially when the plant is still at the beginning of the planting stage. Because at that time the roots of plants have not gripped the soil strongly so the plants must be really watered regularly. In the dry season should be increased intensity of watering. While in the rainy season, you do not need to water it again.


Fertilization can be done using organic and inorganic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers can be manure cattle manure such as cattle and goats, or can also use compost. Organic fertilizer is given regularly every 3-4 months. While inorganic fertilizers can use NPK fertilizer, which is given every 6 months. Given on the plant canopy in a way spread over the root area.

Weeding and Plumbing

Weeding is done to exclude weeding plant weeds, while reducing competition between crops and weeds. Weightening should be done regularly every 2-3 weeks. At the time of weeding you can also at the same time do pembumbunan. This is so that the roots of plants back buried by the soil.

Perempelan / Trimming

Pruning works to accelerate the flowering period. Pruning or perempelan leaf is done by removing leaves and parts of branches that grow too dense. Remove the leaves or branches close to the soil surface and leaf sisakam located at the top of the tree.

Plant Pests and Diseases Control

Rambutan plants are relatively resistant to pests and diseases. So the control measures are only for prevention. You can do the spraying using pesticides every 6 months. And do the spraying fungicide after the plant in the crop.

5. Time for Rambutan In Harvest

  • Rambutan graft plants can be harvested at the age of 3.5-4 years.

  • To increase the yield in the next year then you should routinely spray the hormone giberelin during the flowering period. The ripe fruit will be reddish green.


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