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The times with the family are the most beautiful times. Especially if you can vacation with them on the beach with a breeze and warm sand beach. It can not be imagined how fun those times are.
To make your vacation with family more fun and not complicated. It would be nice to do the following when and before the holidays to the beach.
Divide the tasks to all family members so that children feel an important part of the holiday.
Sharing duties to each family member including children will give them the impression that family members are an important part of a holiday plan.
Mom & Dad can give assignments to children to prepare entertainment or small art performances while on site. Or give the task to prepare snack supplies, maybe. Choose one thing that Mom & Dad thinks is memorable for the kids while preparing for the holidays.
Besides being able to make the children the spirit of the holiday, it can train their independence.
Do not forget to bring drugs and support equipment to enjoy the beach.
My advice to Mom & Dad who is planning a beach vacation with the kids is 'do not stay on the beach' let alone bring your tent. Why? Because camping on the beach means to be ready with a mosquito attack beach that is quite aggressive and not good for the health of children. If you want to enjoy the beach, try to come in the morning and come home in the afternoon only.
For a more comfortable holiday on the beach, try to bring lunch and mattress to enjoy when the children are tired of playing on the beach. Include a small speaker or smartphone to play Mom & Dad children's favorite songs to make them feel excited.
BBQ on the beach can make the holiday more memorable.
Who does not like any kind of food that is burned with soy sauce? Also kids will like it too.
Try to bring along with BBQ equipment at home. Invite the children and other family members to BBQ parties. If you do not want to bother to bring a BBQ tool, Mom & Dad can order grilled fish at the beachside stall, then burned with the children. They would love it.
For Mom & Dad who are planning to BBQ with their own tools, choose the kids' favorite meat / fish to keep them excited with this BBQ show.

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