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Hi friends stimeet tonight meet again with me @ babangfarel tonight I will share the story about the flowers eggplant hopefully friends who are in stimeet like the way I work



This flower is a very beautiful flowers and unique, but this flower has a very beautiful color, this flower has not grown much, but also beautiful friend, all flowers can be inlaid but, for this flower can not be friends, because this flower too small size, flowers that can be ornamental is like a rubber flower, which is on sale at the store, flowers in this photo not in sale at the store comrades, because this flower of living things can grow on their own, there is on sale but not in the store, but in the flower garden, make a girl who likes flowers, go to the nearest flower garden

Xiomi redmi note 5A lens macro

This is the result of my work for tonight I hope you guys like the way I work this one thank you friends have read my post

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