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My name is azharaja
Hy my steemit friend newcomers want to join my friends in steemit so I know more deeply about my steemit stay in jakarta my daily activities school in dalah one university in my area, after school I also work in one indomaret In my place.
I hope my friend steemit can help me in this especially steemit, i know maulana nafi steemit from my friend, i am curious about this app many friends of mine use this application they can benefit from result of their posting, i also hope steemit friends to account me and give a vote from friends, thanks friends steemit friends who have taken the time to read my introduction, or my first post in steemit hopefully another jugak steemit hopefully steemit more victorious



@azharaja, congratulations on making your first post! I gave you a $.05 vote!
Please take a moment to read this post regarding commenting and spam. (tl;dr - if you spam, you will be flagged!)

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