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Read the decisions Blur factor

walking through the arduous journey is still available. You know what, Try to know what steps barley bamboo and worse off. Our violations turn forward when you lose your way and did not know what a trice problem.

Should you change your job?

The love that you miss?

should continue to improve?

wrong doing wrong?

If these thoughts in and know what steps, this 4-point try.

  1. And after the first clear the remaining issues.

To stabilize my mind first and then try to solve the remaining problems. While frustrating, sometimes errors decision. Please consider carefully before deciding.

  1. The most difficult time in the nearest time to succeed.

If you have been through the most difficult time to occur with a better life Do not forget, next time when you're comfortable. To reach the beautiful morning through the dark night, do not forget to overcome obstacles.

  1. Concern me thinking about the future and uncertainties.

Current attempts to do so is clear that reason. Because you are doing now will determine what happens on later. Can I change the fact, and it's unlikely it would be the end of me thinking about the future and concern. Can not change the current situation, w# headere can change the future.

  1. Failure does not exist to excuse and seek ways to succeed.

Never lose that have Failure is not for passing time. Try to procure lesson. Learning from the lessons, you will be able to better decisions for later. Argued solve common problems with your mouth closed Visit is rather difficult to know why I wanted to stay. Otherwise will excuse.
Your works that often argued, No money sitting out a whole lot less. Clear what activities do you want that? What do you want to be? Success will be able to know and be sure that the way to be able to walk well.
Credit -@aungthu

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