Polaris 2

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"Existence winner bachelor" I married a friend said this, all of us were surprised listener began. (Sitting at Polaris cafe.) But according to "love to win a bachelor is not easy for those who are not, and may not want to deliver a great destination for those who love a mute," he said again.

He is still great ရဋ္ l Talking Upload an example of the baby's story will be well again. "What a great respite ရဋ္ l Wunna seems to find very little value. Wunna composing the beauty equivalent Wunna baby's facial expression ရယ်ရွှင်ပြုံးတုံ့ မပြုံးတုံ့ Wunna coiled lime, lime icon response, Prime knot again to respond '' I see a golden breastplate respond, not respond. But the great plurality ရဋ္ l In the last syllable 'sister slide Ikea '. Hence, you do not very great sacred marriage than men were only four more goals in life, "she lid undone Kyaik, gulp down the tea cup.

"Great sacred marriage than men, they pay more attention to the goal of life is possible here," another friend said, "We have bus parking next to the Buddha mind. If married, but the marriage will not focused more on the aims of the journey. So I dropped out of marriage abandoned Yes. And it is the same. I want လူညံ့ marriage hovered မိတယ်ဗျာ ".

Polaris မှ့ အပြန်လမ်းမှာ unknown number of "lessons" Norma friendly ending ligament again.

"Norma friendly ending"

Love, where one of Norma
I really thought
I'm interested in
If her heart too.

Rahula weeks pipe
Although I want kindness
Difficult to separate
You can just see,
I had to put her heart.

Spouse mansion
Although a higher gold standard
The partnership masculine than husband
Just can not right now standard possession
I thought to proceed.

Less than vice versa
Kenyan Judiciary cycle
Repeat သွားခဲ့ရတဲ့ ဘဝဇာတ်ခုံ
Many Kenyan Judiciary
Now we want to leave.

Wife and son
Although it did not leave
The other side Norma Granted
Tragic ending advice ...
I'm the rice sector
Quick test.

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