IT'S BEEN A WHILE...- The government has changed and I finished my studies

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Hola Steemit! Nah, it's been a while since I wrote my last post on Steemit. 25 days ago to be specific. I know it wasn't a good sign. I supposed to write at least one content per day, and actively involving in Steemit community. That's one of the key to be successful here. But nah, seems like I have missed so much things.

So much things that happened to me and to my country!

The change of Malaysian government

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The general election for the country has been done on May 9, 2018. And that's the very first time I went to the polls. Few weeks have been passed yet I still have that ink mark on my finger. That's the proof!


And guess what? The government has changed for the very first time after 6 decades and our Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has claimed a stunning victory as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia on his 93 years.

I finished my school!

Yes, I unofficially finish my degree. It has been a while since I'm not writing any Steemit content. I've been super busy on finishing my final year project and guess what? I finally had summited my thesis and nah, freedom!



I'll be graduate soon on this October. I'm so excited but at the same time feeling so sad that I'm gonna leave the awesome university life.

And yes, since the government has changed and I finished my study, I'm so curious to know what will happen to meand my friends as the fresh graduates. Would we easily find a job. Or any other things that would benefit us? It such an experimental things to know what will happen soon.

And since I've finished my study, seems like I'm gonna have a lot of time to focus on Steemit ;)


Excellent, Congratulations @atikahnoh, I wish you much success. Greetings and blessings!!

thanks @rosaimm! You too, blessings :)

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