Mogilev railway station. Belarus.

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Hi, my friends.

Today I want to talk about the Railway Station in my city Mogilev. He was 116 this year.

The history of the Mogilev station began in 1900. Russian Emperor Nicholas II approved the Regulations, which provided for the construction of a railway from Vitebsk to the station Zhlobin. The station Mogilev was conceived as a passenger station. To do this, built a fairly large station with a fashionable at the time corridor planning system. The spatial structure of the building had a strictly symmetrical solution with two small annexes at the ends. The station of Mogilev station is faced with Kiev brick, the roof is covered with 12-pound sheet iron. There is central heating by the Kaiffer system. There is a room at the station for the temporary stay of government members.


The reconstruction of the station was carried out in 2000-2004. It was after it that the station acquired a modern look.



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Наш родной город и вокзал.


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