Bangladesh national flower "Water Lily"

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Water lily aquatic species of Nymphaea is a plant species of aquatic. water lily Bangladeshi national flowers. The leaves of this plant are large, round, floating, and flowers. The number of water lily species is about 50, in different countries.

In Bangladesh, two white-colored (Nymphaea nauchalli) and red colored blood vessels are of the same species (formerly N. rubra) and the second is salok / blue staple (N. stellata). Each of these bushes boasts a long bot in which several single flowers blossom and boil over the water. There are flowers throughout the year, monsoons and more during autumn. Popular vegetables in rural areas Pudding and seeds are perfect for the taste. The world's largest leaf lily (Victoria amazonica) is no

The Padma Pukur of any garden can be seen. The second largest leaf molecule (Eurayle ferox) is grown in the wetlands of Bangladesh. The whole tree is thorny Seeds can be eaten.CvV7ung.jpg6580936321_445a9cdb8d_b.jpg

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