Poetry "Attract With It"

in #esteem2 years ago


Attract with him, because your heart knows what you want even though you used to say me who you need.

Attract with him, because I'm against recall trying to forget with your interest first

Be interested in him, because your comfort is not mine. Not anymore.

You seemed to give time to just say hello.

Attract with the more mature you understand childish

Attract with him who might as well tau tiring struggling.

Struggling in the world of work.
While I'm just a blind man with a paycheck at the end of the month. Who is still busy doing the tasks piled up until the ink runs out.
Attract with him who may be willing to survive more than the amount of time I throw away just waiting for you in the middle of the night.

Interested in it. I'm fine.

I admit I'm jealous. The self that you began to ignore, you let it stand and now seems abandoned

Interested in it. But do not pull me when I'm no longer interested in you. Not the pull of my heart. Certainty.

I let go. Because my jealousy no longer you miss. Because maybe you have made out with his sweet attitude while I swallow bitter flirtatious longing.
Interested in it. But do not remind me if I ever pulled you deep into my life.

Not again. I will not regret our separation. Because the magnetic poles of love that we have no longer attract each other. We are at the same pole. Same is no longer love.


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