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Since the ICC has started the World Cup tournament in fifty-over cricket, the game of cricket has changed since that day. People are attracted to more and more of this sport. The cricketers are very much like this god on the planet In many cases, their popularity drew behind the film stars of the film.

Women's cricket is far behind. Despite working equally in the field, there is not much popularity. However, the picture has changed gradually, slowly. However, it may take a few more years to be popular as well. Because, the number of matches should also be increased with the balance.

When it comes to female cricketers, this report is called Ruposhi from now on. With their good performances of the cricketers, their beautiful face and ruposi body are really deadly combinations. The fans are tilted down there. Take the favorite female cricketer to mind Spending a lot of time in the gym, sweaty, lazy. To become more and more fashionable, you can transform your own style of magic. If you are not very fond of female cricket, you will be a fan of women's cricket when you see these reports about the hottest female cricketer.

  1. L.C. Perry
    The ladies of Australia have been fascinated by the number of cricketer. At the age of sixteen, he was surprised by the Australian cricket team and the football team, together with the debate. In 2007, he got a place in the team and after a month he took the place in the football team. From the point of debut to the youngest cricketer of Australia, this woman athlete is one of the finest performers. Again, the country's first athlete who played in the national and national football team.

  2. Isha Guha
    The English cricketer of England again was born in Bengali In 2012, retired after playing one-day cricket for the English team. This former cricketer, who is equally successful in batting and bowling, has again made special place among fans for the winner of Twenty-X Extra innings, due to the hotness. In 2008-09, she was the number one bowler in the ICC rankings for women. After retirement, the BBC's Sports website wrote the cricket column and joined the IPL as a TV presenter.

  3. Leo Marsh
    Another well-known English cricketer. Laura was born in Pemberby of Kent. Starting cricket from the age of eleven. Pace bowling. Laura, who took part in the traditional Ashes series in 2008 and 2009, got the first chance in England's national team in 2006.

  4. Rosalie Birch
    You can also make a mistake as a teenage teenage hero in England if you see this woman cricketer in England. Rosalie, who took part in the Ashes series between England and England in 2005 and 2008, played off with offspin and lower-middle order.

  5. Sarah Taylor
    The English team's wicketkeeper-watching batsmen will lose the mind. The extraordinary beauty of the whole of one day cricket to open. Again, bat in the middle order in the Test format. In 2008, England lost Australia in the women's Ashes series, Sarah was the member of the team of service team. He plays with Counties for Sussex. In 2013, Taylor won the title of the best T-20 women's cricketer.

  6. Holly Firling
    In the 2013 Australian team, he made his debut. Medium fast bowler Fergin played only four matches in the 2013 Women's World Cup. For Queensland, at the age of fourteen, he has a hat-trick of the first three balls on the debut stage. The ICC has named Farling as the 12th member in their women's cricket team for the 2013 World Cup.

  7. Cecilia Joyce
    Members of the Seychela Ireland Women's Cricket Team. His twin sisters are also there. Isobel Jayaso Cricketer Two sisters are battosomains. Their three brothers, Dominic, Ed and Gass Ireland played cricket for male cricket. Ed also played for England team.

  8. Sarah McGlashan
    This cricketer is also the member of the Women's Team of New Zealand. The female cricketer of the same Auckland player, equally bat, ball and wicketkeeping, made his national debut against the Netherlands in 2002.

  9. Lia Paltan
    Australian women's cricket team Liaison specialist batsman opening slot. In 2000, under his leadership, the New South Wales U-17 national championship was won. Before joining the national team, the caretaker batting took place, but at that time, the under-19 and under-23 leadership of Australia led the team. Then he made his debut in the national team against New Zealand in the Rose Bowl series in 2006-07. He played counties in England. Fifty-five women's World Cup and Twenty20 Women's World Cup in 2009, one of the most notable aspects of their careers.

  10. Amy Watkins
    New Zealand's female cricketer is an important member of the Kiwi team in limited-overs cricket. Emmy Left handed batsman and right-arm offspin bowler. New Zealand's best wicket-taker with 11 wickets in 2009 Women's World Cup was the best wicket-taker. After retiring Hayden Tyfen, Emmy was also the captain of the national team.

  11. Tisha Chetti
    The ladies of the South African team also play this beautiful woman. Famous for limited overs cricket than the Test team. Starting international cricket in seven and eight numbers, he has established himself as an opener since 2008.

  12. Dan Fan Nicar
    The Pretorian cricketer is now South Africa's national team captain. The leg-spinner, who led the team in three types of formats and after the high school, did not pursue education because of cricket.

  13. Migraine du Piez
    The South African cricketer is a right-handed wicketkeeper-batsman. From 2011 to 2016 - Leading the national team in three types of formats. Meganan started playing cricket at the age of four. Besides, softball, hockey, table tennis also play. The fan of Sachin Tendulkar and Jonty Rhodes is the female cricketer of Marketing Honors Graduate. At the age of seventeen, Protea teamed up to have a love affair with family and boyfriend at the time of retirement.

  14. Sana Mir
    If you look at this Pakistani cricketer, many people can also make a mistake in thinking about the model. Exceptional beauty Sanaa is the former captain of Pakistan women's team. In fact, under bowling all-rounder Sanaa, Pakistan won gold in 2010 and 2014 in the Asian Games.

  15. Mitali Raj
    The current captain of the Indian team is quite impressive. As if battling in the cricket field is deadly, watching the hotel room sulphi by pressing the spaghetti, someone will fall in love. At the age of 18, Mattha, who came to the Indian cricket team at the age of 18, made his debut in the inaugural match against England in Tonson, and started playing cricket to become a legend. In the test and limited-overs cricket, Mitali is well-known for his bold clothing in 2017.

Source: Wikipedia 😁


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